Música irlandesa com Irish Fellas


Follow Me Up To Carlow / Lark In The Morning
Gusty’s Frolics [Em]/ Peter Byrne’s Fancy [Dmix]/ The Cock And The Hen [F#M] (Jigs)
Love Will You Marry Me [D] / Fisher’s Hornpipe [D]
Give Me Your Hand [G] (Valsa)
The Ballydesmond [Am] / Downey’s [Em] / Kerry [D] / Bill Sullivan’s [A] (Polkas)
Mountain Dew / Mountain Road
The Wedding Reel [D] / Earl’s Chair [D] (Reels)
Geese In The Bog / East At Glenndart (Fiddle & Box)
Star Of The County Down [Em]
American Polka [D] (Banjo & Piano)
The Humours Of Piraí Set
Dolores Kesh Set
Father Had A Knife (A Capella)
Sunset On The Erne [A] (Valsa)
Scartaglen [Amix]/ Patsy Geary’s [D] (Slides) / The Cameronian [D] (Reel)
Whisky In The Jar [D]
Sally Brown
The Himalayan Hornpipe [D] / Sem-Vergonha [D] (Xote)
Wild Rover
Rocky Road To Dublin
Tim Finnegan’s Wake
Waxies Dargle
Milonga Reels
Jenny Picking Cockels / Return To Camden Town

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24 de março de 2018, às 18h

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